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Healthy Lifestyle for Girls

-Post by Ottawa Mommy Club- In today’s era, it’s difficult to get our children away from the television, laptops, video games, tablets,...

Food & Drink

Family Friendly Snack Ideas

-Post by A Pretty Life In The Suburbs- 25 Sweet Snacks Granola/Trail Mix:  Homemade is easy! Granola Bars:  These are a favourite! Greek...

Decor & Design

How To Put Together A Mini Garden To Cheer You Up

-Post by The Sweet Escape- There was a particularly grey day that was making me feel particularly blue last week. In my attempt to get my...

Family Tech

Demystifying video streaming: Crave, Bell TV and others

By: Marc Saltzman Whether you unwrapped a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays or simply want to find new ways to be entertained in...

Lifestyle Report

Drew Barrymore Makes Perfect Scents

-Post by The Lifestyle Report- Drew Barrymore is adding to her successful beauty line, Flower Beauty with a trio of scents that are...

Super Bowl

5 Cocktails For Your Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is just a few days away and if you’re hosting the party, you’re going to need drinks. Score a tastebud...