Sheblogs Canada works closely with an Insider panel of some of the top Lifestyle influencers in Canada. In partnership with sheblogs Canada, the exclusive collaborative panel of 5 share their unique voices and provide their take on various millennial-age topics.

Our past panel members include:


Zivanka Markovic

Zivanka Markovic was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is an actress and creator of Sweet as Fiction, a fashion blog that started as a creative outlet in 2015. In between auditions and sets, Zivanka found herself drawn to to the wardrobe aspects of characters and took this as an additional calling, adding fashion to her repertoire of passions. With that, Sweet as Fiction is ever growing as a fashion and lifestyle blog showcasing timeless, yet trendy fashion to readers worldwide. Her blog is meant to inspire, showcasing relatable content within fashion and lifestyle to help readers live life to the fullest.

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Jackie Goldhar

Jackie Goldhar runs the Toronto-based fashion and lifestyle blog, Something About That. Her goal is to inspire like-minded millennial women to be creative with how they get dressed each day. She believe’s that stylish outfits are within reach for anyone and that you don’t have to spend a lot to look great each day! Since she believes that there is more to life than fashion, her blog has grown to incorporate her love for beauty, great food, the business of blogging and tips to live a better life.

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Annika Friesen

Annika Friesen is a lifestyle blogger from Toronto, Canada. The blog Fernweh Society specializes in travel, career, fashion and girlbossin’. You may find her running around Toronto cell phone in hand and jacked up on espressos or sneaking off to the airport for a jet setting adventure. Annika lives with her other half Dustin and their frenchie Karlsson.

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Rachel Harrower

Rachel is the creator of StyleRae. She started blogging in 2015 to share her love of fashion, beauty, and travel. She also has an interest in creative writing and recently graduated from university with a degree in English Literature. Blogging has allowed Rachel to combine these interests in order to create a hobby she is truly passionate about.

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Tiffany Cruz

Tiffany Cruz is the owner of City Sleek Chic, a personal style and lifestyle blog based in Toronto. Aspiring stylist, sometimes a model, and content creator, Tiffany has always been inclined to fashion. Going back to January 2012, she decided to give blogging a try. It wasn’t until October 2014 that City Sleek Chic was born. Since then, her blog has turned into an outlet where she not only shares her love for fashion, but also where she documents pieces of her everyday life. Her goal is to encourage and inspire everyone across the globe through her personal style.

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