Meet Oui, the New Yogurt You’ll Love

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  1. These neeeedddd to come to Canada. So gorgeous! And I can imagine that they taste great too. Would be beautiful for a breakfast spread.


    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      We totally agree! They definitely need to come to Canada. 🙂

  2. sophie lapierre says:

    Really hope i’ll comes to Canada because it really likes sooo good and the price it great and I love it when I can reuse those little glass pot !!

    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      Those mini glass pots are a hit in the U.S. so you can bet they’ll be a hit here.

  3. Tina Stryde says:

    Love love love this yogurt!! Tried it in Maine last week and had to fill up my cooler for the ride back to Canada!

  4. Laura says:

    Love this yogurt! Had it last year, even the plain is delicious. On recent trips to US, I have not been able to find the plain, but the vanilla is great. Have tried the Key Kime and the Lemon. Also delicious. We need this yogurt!

  5. C.Breen says:

    The BEST. Please come to Canada. We need you here!!!

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