Cheese Always Pleases! Building Your Own Cheeseboard With Castello

We’ve all been there, scrambling last minute to throw together appetizers for a holiday party you’re either hosting or attending.

What no one tells you is that it’s actually a lot of hard work to create multiple dishes with a long list of ingredients, not to mention how much time it eats up. But here are some wise words to live by:

Cheese Always Pleases!

That’s right, cheeseboards are the way to go. If you’re looking to save some time with minimal ingredients and no cooking necessary, cheeseboards are the ideal option for you! We know how busy everything gets around holiday season. So we thought we’d show you how easy it is to create a quick, holiday worthy cheeseboard that your friends and family will go crazy over.

Balance your Flavours

The first step to creating your cheeseboard is to decide on the specific cheeses you want. Consider a premium cheese brand so that you know what kind of flavour profiles to expect and to make sure you’re providing your guests with quality cheeses. Castello Cheese is a perfect option for any cheeseboard, they have tons of varieties for your guests.

Since 1893, Castello Cheese has been creating a variety of creatively crafted cheeses with a balance of innovation and tradition. They use great attention to detail and only natural ingredients in the making of all their cheeses!

Be sure to add 3-5 varieties of cheeses with different textures and tastes. By mixing textures such as soft, crumbly, firm and hard, you will be providing your guests with as many different tastes and textures as you can. Different colours and shapes look appealing and bring more variety to the cheeseboard, allowing your guests to enjoy endless flavour combinations.

Be sure to use chunks of cheese on your board and don’t cut pieces. This is so your cheeses don’t dry up and ruin their flavour profiles. In turn, your cheeses will stay fresh longer and guests can choose the quantity of cheese they would like when they slice it themselves.

The Castello Cheeses we’re working with to create this cheeseboard:

Castello Brie - the classic, Danish brie we all crave and love during the holiday season. With a velvety, creamy texture, this cheese is a must for any holiday cheeseboard!

Castello’s Traditional Danish Blue Cheese - a fine and nutty aroma with a hint of soft, crumbly bitterness and tang to taste.

Castello Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar - is a matured cheddar with notes of cracked pepper and a unique sharp and sweet flavour.

Castello Aged Havarti- an authentic Danish recipe that has dated back to 1952! This traditional Havarti is matured for 12 months to create a creamy but crumbly texture that has rich and buttery notes.

"By mixing textures such as soft, crumbly, firm and hard, you will be providing your guests with as many different tastes and textures as you can."

Something Salty

After you have added your variety of cheeses, try integrating some salty elements to your cheeseboard. This will enhance the taste of your cheeses and elevate the visual elegance that people love about a classic cheeseboard. Some salty items that ideally work on cheeseboards are nuts (such as salted almonds or walnuts), stuffed olives, salamis, cured meats and crackers.

Remember to put items like olives or pickles with strong flavour profiles in small serving bowls on your cheeseboard so that these items won’t ruin the flavours of other snacks present on the board.

On our board we added:

  • A bowl of stuffed and regular olives
  • Crostini
  • Rice Crackers
  • Prosciutto
  • Salted Walnuts

Fresh & Light

Your board is now full of heavy ingredients, maybe it’s time to add something lighter?

Try adding some fruit to your board to balance out the heavy elements. Feel free to feature a combination of dried or fresh fruit such as grapes, apples, apricots and cranberries. This will also help to fill out any empty spaces, but don’t go overboard!

On our board we added:

  • Dried Cranberries
  • Sliced Macintosh Apples


Last of all, if your board isn’t looking festive enough for your holiday party, garnish it with rosemary. Make sure to add cheese knives so that your guest can help themselves! People eat with their eyes, after all.

On our board we added:

  • Rosemary
  • Cheese Knives

Have we won you over yet?! The most important part to making an amazing holiday cheeseboard is to have fun while you’re creating it. Cheeseboards are one of those dishes you don’t need to measure ingredients so enjoy yourself and get creative!

There you have it, a holiday party worthy snack for your friends and family to enjoy before the main meal, and it only took 15 minutes to put together! Cheeseboards are the ideal holiday hosting snack for the busy holiday hostess.

To find out more about Castello and their intriguing variety of cheese flavours go to www.castellocheese.comYour dream cheeseboard awaits!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Castello Cheese, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Castello Cheese.