SunRype Slim Boozy Popsicles

Summer entertaining is one of my favourite things to do on weekends, and I always look for any excuse to host a get together.

One thing I typically do in the summer is keep some fun popsicles in my freezer.

Not only because they make a great after work treat and are a great party ‘wow’ factor, but because they help me take 10 for myself and cool down on those hot and sweaty summer nights when there isn’t a breeze for miles

Who is to say popsicles have to be just for kids anyways? As a matter of fact, MY popsicles are just for Adults.

Using SunRype Slim makes it easy for me to adjust the amount of sweetness I want so my popsicles fit my palette (and calorie intake) and still maintain natural flavours and ingredients. The best part - they are so easy to make to your liking and easy to find.

SunRype Slim Boozy Popsicles