Common Skin Saboteurs And How To Beat Them

We all know the classic ways to kick unwanted pimples from appearing - washing your face every morning, washing your makeup off every night, cleansing your makeup brushes - but, you might be surprised to find out that there are some skin saboteurs that are harming your skin from being porcelain smooth. Here are some of the most common ones, and what to do to stop them!

Your cell phone

Believe it or not, your phone picks up more bacteria than almost anything else. We are constantly on our phones, and many of us even take them into the bathroom with us..Eek!. Plus, think about all the times you've dropped your phone on the ground and picked it up again!

This bacteria can be transferred onto your face when you're talking on your phone, or even from texting and then touching your face. Safe to say - phones are like technological petri dishes. This combination of dirt, oil and pressure from your phone is the perfect combination for breakouts.

TRY THIS: Clean your phone at least once a day with an antibacterial wipe to remove any dirt or bacteria. You should also try to avoid pressing your phone against your face while talking - hands free or texting might be the way to go!

Your Pillow Case

Think about it - are you washing your pillow case often enough? The moment you lay your head on your pillow, you are transferring all of the sweat, oils and bacterias from your face and hair onto the pillowcase. Your face will keep coming into contact with this unwanted gunk and your pores will become clogged and blemishes will likely form.

TRY THIS: Now, none of us are Superwoman, and we know that changing your pillowcase every night is near impossible - But, try to change your pillow case at least a few times a week. Do the wash or have a few pillow cases on hand for easy rotation. Detergent meant for sensitive skin will prevent from further irritation as well!

"Plus, how many times have you dropped your sunglasses, only to pick them up and put them back on your face again? Ugh, gross!"

Your Sunglasses

Shocking, right?! So much bacteria can grow on your sunglasses and prescription glasses - which makes sense seeing as though we sweat and can get oily everyday. Plus, how many times have you dropped your sunglasses, only to pick them up and put them back on your face again? Ugh, gross!

TRY THIS: Clean your shades by washing them with an antibacterial wipe or hand soap and water every few days. You may never look at your shades the same way again.

The Thermostat

Like me, you might love the air-conditioning in the summer and turning the heat on full blast during the winter, but these habits are some of the most common causes of dryness. Especially if you're stuck in an office all day or work from home, we bet your complexion is suffering.

TRY THIS: Get yourself a humidifier and a moisturizing cream. Neither of these have to be extremely expensive, just get the fresh air following and stop dehydrating your skin!