Get Spring Ready - From Head To Moji-toes

Now that winter is FINALLY over and Spring is upon us, it's time to shake things up a bit. Winter is all about sipping hot chocolate by a crackling fire, but Spring is time to get outside to stop and smell the roses (with a drink in hand of course - duh!).

This Spring, I'm taking some time to myself just to relax (after all, I deserve it after five long months of hibernation) and shaking up some delicious tasting cocktails.

But this year, I'm going to be drinking my refreshing cocktails guilt-free with SunRype Slim, containing less sugar and calories than other low-calorie beverages. Containing only 10 calories per serving (250ml), no aspartame, no artificial flavours or colours, AND a great taste, how can you go wrong?

Whether you only have 10 minutes or 10 seconds, take a moment to enjoy one (or all!) of these tasty SunRype cocktails.

Slim Blueberry Mojito

Get spring ready from your head to moji-toes! This blueberry Mojito is a great twist on the classic cocktail and is just as refreshing. I used the SunRype Slim Blueberry Burst beverage in this one and loved the delicious blueberry and mint flavour.

Make it for yourself

Slim Cranberry Fizz

What's cocktail season without a classic vodka-cran? The SunRype Slim Cranberry Twist oozes with flavour, and in just a few minutes, you could be sipping on one too!

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Citrus Delight

After the long winter, my body is CRAVING some vitamin C. Try out the citrus delight cocktail using SunRype Pure Orange Juice. Orange and lime juices - a delightful combination!

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Happy Sipping!