4 Products To Stay Safe This Summer

Having grown up with the grueling Canadian winter and frigid winds, the moment the sun starts to peak its' rays out of the clouds I am ON IT!

Ah, to bask in the sun - I mean Canadians start to bring out their shorts in anything warmer than 1+! But what we tend to forget, is that too much sun can cause harmful damage to our bodies. While you may want to spend all your days outside in the warmth, take these percussions and safety tips into account!

Don't forget your sunscreen:

With the sunny weather, a lot of us neglect to take care of our skin. It is very easy to forget to put on sunscreen or use proper products. In the winter you have a set routine - moisturizers, balms, lotions, but in the warm weather, it seems as though we forget all of this! But in all seriousness, it is SUPER important to apply your sunscreen every day, but if you slip up and forget, a great alternative is Foundation with SPF in it. Most of us wear makeup every day, and let's be real; we don't want to mess up our makeup by layering sunscreen over top of it - find a great foundation with SPF in it and protect that beautiful face of yours!


Don't forget about protecting your eyes, too! A lot of us tend to gravitate towards funky-fashion glasses, but be careful and make sure that your glasses have UV protection in them. You may not feel or notice the effects of the sun now, but trust me, you will over time and it may not be too pretty. The sun is STRONG, and you want to make sure you're always protecting the most important part of your body!

Tip: The ideal sunglasses have frames that are big enough to cover the skin around your eyes and have polarized lenses with UV filters. While reflective glasses may be trendy and look cool, they bounce UV light onto your cheeks and should be avoided.

Sun protective clothing

You might be thinking to yourself - umm…what is sun protective clothing, aren't my regular clothes good enough? Yes, layering helps, but Sun protective clothing has UPF (ultraviolet protective factors) which blocks out a percentage of the suns harmful UV rays, more so than your usual clothing. And don't worry, there are so many adorable sun protective clothing brands out there now, that will keep you looking cute AND safe.


Not only do hats shade you from the sun, but they are the best method to hide the fact that you haven't had the time to wash your hair today. While a baseball hat might be your go-to, a hat with a brim that is at least four inches all the way around protects both your scalp and the top of your ears - where many people often forget to apply sunscreen and are areas where skin cancers might develop. You're in luck because big sun hats are super trendy this season, so you can stay in style while protecting yourself.