Happy YOU Year: Focus on Yourself This Year

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  1. I agree that a new routine will help with a better night’s sleep! To start going to bed earlier, I’d make myself tired with a hot bath at an earlier time, and no caffeine, or screens in my face!

    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      Great tips for relaxation! Thanks for commenting & good luck with the contest. 🙂

  2. Alayne Langford says:

    I love your suggestions and what resonates most for me is to take time with my family by putting down my gadgets, even if it’s for one day a week! I would like to finally dive into my writing as well. Thank you very much for the giveaway! Entered on Instagram @mamalangs5 and Twitter @AlayneLangford 🙂

    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      Everyone could use some time to disconnect from tech and reconnect with their family. We are happy to see your motivation 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Deobrah C says:

    Some great tips for taking care of ourselves! I think I’m going to work on getting away from my gadgets. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Shauna says:

    I agree with setting a routine. I really struggled with this after having my daughter – sometimes when I was ready, she would have other plans. I’ve learned to wake up earlier so I can get in a workout before she is away (after too many nights of skipping workouts because she wouldn’t sleep). I also set an alert on my phone for 9 pm, so I wash my face/apply skincare. This way, I find I don’t skip my self care due to being “too tired”.

  5. Anita D. says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I loved that this tips were not the usual eat healthier and exercise more advice. I am planning on implementing some of your tips immediately. Starting tomorrow I will be spending less time on my device.

    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      We are glad you like our tips! Love the motivation 🙂 Good Luck.

  6. Lindsay O says:

    This year I am going to try and make sleep a priority. I’ve been functioning on my bare minimum of sleep, but never feeling well rested. This year, I need to develop and maintain a routine for sleep that makes me feel rested and recharged.

  7. Erika K says:

    I definitely agree about getting away from your gadgets. It’s so easy to waste time on social media. I have also started a gratitude journal to reflect on my daily blessings!

  8. Linda Svarovsky says:

    I love the suggestion of a set time and day to work out. I would purchase a fitbit if I won.

    1. crowdsocial crowdsocial says:

      Setting a schedule is a step towards a healthy workout routine. 🙂 Good luck!

  9. Gail Anema says:

    Every new year brings some new & some old hopes & dreams…eat better, exercise more, get more sleep. All good things but things that are a constant target to strive for. Life is (or ought to be) forever trying to improve oneself. Your lovely giveaway made me think about a tangible outcome- I would spend the $150 getting a new hairstyle. I mean take the time to find a hairdresser who can assess my face shape, take into account my hair challenges (thinning hair) and then give me a cut that really works for me. I think that would really be something.

  10. Alana says:

    Great advice, I am aiming to spend more time outside and more time away from my gadgets to allow some important self aware time.

  11. Nancy Montgomery says:

    Love these suggestions. Will try to add some of them to my New Year’s resolution: Giving up frozen meals and buying fresh to cook for myself. With fresh fruits and vegetables being pricey in the winter, the gift card would be a great help.

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