Holiday Scent Quiz: WIN a #CrowdCrew Box!

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  1. Kim K says:

    Wow! You got my scent correct! Citrus Love <3

  2. Dana says:

    Floral is not my favourite but thanks for the fun quiz 🙂

  3. marie says:

    love this

  4. Nikki says:

    Just perfectly me

  5. Jessica C says:

    Fun & Floral! Gucci Bloom is definitely one I will have to check out!

  6. Citrus Love, eh?
    I’m more about the warmer, woodsy scents during the winter. Maybe I’ll have to find the best of both worlds!

  7. Matthew Tully says:

    Hahaha, I probably should have had Sherri do it, however, we do have the same taste.

  8. Ashley Jenkins says:

    LOVE this!! My Holiday scent is Citrus Love. Couldn’t be more perfect for me

  9. Anu Chopra says:

    Love the scent!

  10. My Holiday Scent is… Fun & Floral! Sounds just right!!

  11. Heidi P says:

    My Holiday Scent is of course FUN & FLORAL – how delicious

  12. kathy downey downey says:

    My Holiday Scent is Citrus

  13. joy says:

    Fun and floral – sounds lovely!

  14. Citrus is my favorite ! That’s definitely me

  15. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    Your Holiday Scent is… Citrus Love! Yes that would be me. Thanks!

  16. Julie R. says:

    This fits me perfectly! Warm & Spicy! 🙂

  17. Rizwana Daud says:

    Amazing! I as thinking about buying Gabrielle from Chanel this Christmas! So I am in the right track!!!

  18. Karla Sceviour says:

    Your Holiday Scent is… Citrus Love! -Perfect!

  19. Julie-Lynne McCann says:

    Love Le Vie Belle .. something sweet but with a litte spice!

  20. Amy fisher says:

    My is citrus love!

  21. Brooke says:

    I am shocked that it got my scent right! I love me some Citrus Love!

  22. Omg you guessed it right ! Elizabeth & James Nirvana is my perfume !!! (Warm & Spicy)

  23. Chantale Ferguson says:

    Warm and spicy . Sounds right to me

  24. amy s says:

    warm and spicy!

  25. Nicole guay says:

    You said fun and floral, pretty close but I love citrus Too!! #crowdsocial

  26. I got Citrus Love. Very fitting <3

  27. Judy Figueiredo says:

    Right on…I’m all about citrus style scents

  28. Jackie says:

    Fun and floral is definitely me!

  29. Carin Harris says:

    I LOVE floral fragrances! These sound so nice and I just happen to be looking for a new scent in time for the holidays. Cheers!

  30. Marlene J says:

    Fun quiz

  31. So correct!!! OMG! Wow! Warm & spicy baby!

  32. Haroon Khan says:

    My holiday scent is fun and floral! Awesome!

  33. Marilyn M says:

    Don’t think citrus is for me would like to redo the quiz LOL

  34. Zing says:

    My Holiday Scent is… Warm & Spicy.

    Donna Karan Cashmere – I love it!!!

  35. Nicoleta says:

    Fun and floral scents are my favourite , in the winter

  36. Tasha says:

    I got Citrus Love which is spot on! Excited to smell and try out these fragrances.

  37. Julie D says:

    Oh, warm and spicy — just like me! Ha ha ha. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve never tried any of these perfumes.

  38. Sandy Trojansek says:


  39. Jodi says:

    You got my scent correct surprisingly

  40. sherry moffitt says:

    Citrus Love is my scent , perfect for me.

  41. Kimberly says:

    I got Citrus!! Love it

  42. josephine evans says:

    Fun and Floral! I must agree!

  43. Jenny says:

    Citrus Love!! Perfect for the upcoming holiday season 🙂

  44. Julie Barrett says:

    Not really a Citrus person but it was still a fun quiz!

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