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A Psychic Medium Tells Us What It’s Really Like To Speak To The Dead

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  1. Heather Untereiner says:

    I’ve had heard people that are still alive call me not on the phone and did not know where they lived I thought I was nuts

  2. Heather Untereiner says:

    I’ve heard a strong voice as a child and no one was around I was an infant in a crib and three men and white robes were in my room and I knew as an infant months old my parents was in the kitchen not in the same room they wanted me to go with them and I chose my parents I told the man that my parents love me and I was scared as a new baby that I had refused to go

  3. Heather Untereiner says:

    I remember being in my mama’s belly and did not want to be born I did not want to leave The safety of my mothers

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